Sir Joseph Banks’s Conservatory, Lincoln

The project for the new Sir Joseph Banks’s Conservatory is driven by three main design strands: the inspiring biography of Sir Joseph Banks himself, the Conservatory’s location in a historic setting, and education through play.

The Conservatory and the adjacent landscape will feature plants from all over the world but will particularly focus on those collected by Joseph Banks on his voyage around the world with Captain James Cook on the HMS Endeavour. Educational and scientific opportunities will also be afforded by locating the new 21st Century Lincolnshire Herbarium within the complex, thereby enabling collaboration with the Natural History Museum and the University of Lincoln. The Herbarium project also includes a handling collection, which can be used for outreach to Lincolnshire schools.

The new build will incorporate the latest technology available to provide space heating and heat generation opportunities. The main building is located in such a way to take the maximum benefit from its orientation and day-light.