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Client – Skegness Partnership, Skegness  Pier, Pleasure Beach
Budget – £1.2m
Timescale – Undisclosed

Slinky, Skegness | Regeneration Project

The project was developed in collaboration with Rose Regeneration, Lincolnshire Regeneration Trust, Lincolnshire Community Foundation and the Skegness Partnership CIC.  Collectively the team aimed to address the lack of investment in Skegness’s visitor entertainment infrastructure, and generate wider investor confidence in the heart of the town by creating a new and exciting focal point on the Skegness foreshore.

The key driver in developing the design narrative was the flow, movement and rhythm inherent within the coastal resort.  Be it the wind turbines out at sea; the movements of the tides; the floating scarf of the Jolly Fisherman; the turning of a child’s toy windmill or visitors rambling along the promenade.

As a result a new all-weather visitor attraction, which will act as a gateway to the resort and central tourism hub in Skegness, has been proposed. The scheme will include a vehicle drop off point; a public space for entertainment; a water feature; and hard and soft landscaping, that creates opportunity to relax and play. The notion of the Jolly Fisherman’s floating scarf weaving its way through the site is represented in the form of the red bespoke canopy that creates flow, rhythm, shelter and playful visual stimuli.

The project received planning permission in November 2013.

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